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Is My Pet Overweight?

lrgcat.jpgIf this is a question you have to ask yourself, maybe then it is a possibility that your pet could be. Over 50 % of household dogs and cats are overweight. If your pet is, it means that they are taking in more calories than they are using. Having an overweight pet can lead to many health problems that may have a long term effect on your pet and your wallet.

If your pet is overweight, the first thing to try is reducing your pets' food intake. If your pet is insisting you give them more food or treats, try adding some fresh pet friendly vegetables to their diet. This makes them feel fuller and rewarded. 

It is also better to feed your pet twice a day. This makes it easier for them to metabolize and process the nutrients from the food. The best way to do this is split the amount of food between morning and evening, not the days' portion twice. With puppies, depending on age, they may need to be fed more often while they are growing. 

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These charts can help give you a better idea of where your pet is, and where they should be.



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