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We firmly believe in spaying/neutering your pets. It's the best way to reduce the canine and feline population rate and help keep the shelters from overflowing. Spaying and neutering also helps, or prevents, certain medical and behavioral issues that could arise from intact pets.

The recommended time to spay or neuter your pet is often between the ages of 4 - 6 months, But every pet is evaluated individually.


 Puppy packs

Puppy Pack Printable Information

    Puppy Pack Front Page (Prices & Schedule)
    Puppy Pack Back Page (Spay & Neuter Costs)
    Behavior Tips for New Puppy Owners
    House Breaking Made Easy
    How to Housebreak your new Puppy
    35 Things that Dog......
    10 Tips for Dealing with Problem Behavior

Kitty Packs

Kitty Pack Printable Information

    Kitty Pack Front Sheet (Prices & Schedule)
    Kitty Pack Back Page (Spay & Neuter Costs)
    Behavior Tips for New Kitten Owners
    Training Your Cat
    Free-Access Crate Training

If you have questions please call (208)323-1210. We are more than happy to help!

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